Campbell Ship Model

Gene Berger’s ship model won 3rd place at the IPMS Model Show in 2014.

The Original Campbell Ship

Campbell at sea in 1944:  inspiration for the 1/96 scale model

Section 1:  Hull and Deck Structure for 1/96 scale ship model

   Building the Model Ship 

Oct. 2013:  Hull construction on the model began in our garage

Section 2:  Plating, using the “paint method”

Section 3:  Foredeck Equipment

Section 4:  Forward 5″/38 Gun, Elevation and Traversing Mechanism

Section 5:  Hull Paint and Camouflage

Section 6:  5″/38 caliber DP gun mount

Section 7:  40mm Twin Bofors

Section 8:  26′ Motor Whaleboat

Section 9:  ASW (Anti-submarine Warfare)

The hedgehog ASW (anti-submarine warfare), was an innovative weapon made during the war.  It consisted of a steel cradle that threw 24 shells several hundred feet ahead of the attacking ship.  The shells exploded on contact with the U-boat or ocean floor.

K Gun Storage Rack

Depth Charge Roll-off Rack

Section 10:  Miscellaneous Parts – Flotation Nets, Spotting Binoculars and Stern Name Letters

Section 11:  20mm Oerlidon Cannon

“My folks onboard”

Section 12:  Open Bridge

Section 13:  Putting it All Together

January 2014:  Campbell ship model in progress

Section 14:  Ship Model Details

Section 15:  Mast and Rigging

Campbell’s Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign:
N – K – O – F

Section 16:  Making the Base for the Model Ship


Section 17:  Finished Model



The display is a conversation piece and catalyst for people to share their own stories with us.  The model is a family heirloom to honor my father, Dick Warner, Len Nowak, Carmen Trimarchi, Phil Jordan, and others who served on the Campbell.

Hampton Roads, VA, is a big military area, specifically for the Navy.  The Campbell display has received many compliments at the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk, VA, the Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA, and other venues such as the IPMS Show in 2014.

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IPMS/USA produces the Modelers’ Journal, an all-color magazine 6 times each year.

In addition, IPMS/USA maintains one of the largest public websites in the modeling community ( Members and visitors can view product reviews, chapter and contest information, see examples of members’ work, and view images of contests, museum walk-a-rounds, and the like. A members-only forum allows discussion of specific topics of interest.

IPMS/USA manages contests ranging from local, chapter-led invitational gatherings through larger regional events and up to the National Contest and Convention, held every summer in a rotating location, often featuring over 2,000 entries.

The IPMS National Convention in 2014







Gene entered our ship model of the USS Kendall C. Campbell.  It won 3rd place in the international competition.

(left to right) Bob Moritz, Tim Wood, and Gene Berger

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