Commander Dick Warner on the USS Kendall C. Campbell

Dick Warner

I added a new page on my website to honor Commander Richard “Dick” Warner and his naval service aboard the USS Kendall C. Campbell during World War II.  In 1994, he participated in an oral interview project sponsored by East Carolina University with fourteen other destroyer escort commanders.  Warner gave his account about being in the Navy in the 1940’s and serving aboard the Campbell.  With the permission of his family, I paraphrased several of his stories.

USS Kendall C. Campbell Ship Model on Display in the Mariners’ Museum and Park

A model of my Dad’s ship is on display at the Mariners’ Museum until February 11, 2018, along with 60 model ships built by members of the Hampton Roads Ship Model Society.

The Mariners Museum and Park, 100 Museum Drive, Newport News, VA 23606


Ship model of destroyer escort, USS Kendall C. Campbell

Carmen Trimarchi – New Page


Recently, Carmen Trimarchi, a crewman from the USS Kendall C. Campbell contacted me after seeing the website honoring my father and others during World War II.  Carmen served on the same ship as a radioman alongside Sparky, their canine mascot.   Thanks, Carmen, for sharing your information and photos with me.

Honoring My Father and the USS Kendall C. Campbell, DE-443

I created this WordPress blog to tell the story of my father’s naval service from  1942-1945 in WW II. While doing research, I met Len Nowak, who also served aboard the DE-443.  He provided photos and information for me.

Included in this site also are details of the model ship my husband built of the CAMPBELL and our visit to the USS Slater museum in Albany, NY.

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