Trip to Albany to Visit Slater Museum

Our Research Trip to Albany, NY

May 2016:  The most comfortable and economical way to travel to Albany, NY from Hampton, VA is on Amtrak.   It took all day, and we changed trains in New York City to get there.  After spending a day at the Slater Museum, we spent the night in Albany then traveled back home the next day.

Our friends, Bob and Jan Moritz were interested in accompanying us so we drove to meet them in Richmond, VA to begin our trip there.

20160524_104057 (2)
Marilyn and Jan

20160524_103130 (2)

Nice supervisory Amtrak engineer who oversees training/competencies of engineers

 Bob &  Jan     —     Marilyn & Gene

Some scenery along the route

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Several stations we went through — they all looked different

Changed trains in New York’s Penn Station both ways

Had to watch the boards carefully for gate and departure information

View of West Point Academy from the train
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Digital  room key

Exploring Albany

View from 15th floor of the Albany Hilton

Memorial Day weekend fireworks

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Marilyn and Jan at Albany train station – going home
20160526_093227 (2)
Our delightful new friend, Limo Driver

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We ate in the dining car — food was good

Amrak app that showed speed and location